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Yoga Leg Stretcher Strap

Yoga Leg Stretcher Strap

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The Yoga Leg Stretcher Strap is the perfect companion for any stretching routine. This high strength yoga strap is made of durable polyester, cotton and oxford fabric materials that make it resistant to tearing for long-term use. It features a multi-loops structure which helps you to enjoy different postures, stretching your body with warm up exercises, dances or Pilates sessions. The two hook-and-loop fasteners securely keep the footpads on your feet to ensure a good stretch session. Additionally, this fitness aid helps to relax and warm up the muscles around the joints, increasing their range of motion and thus preventing injuries. With this product, you will be able to meet all your various exercise needs – yoga, ballet, Pilates or even sports team relaxation training. Don't hesitate any longer – get your Yoga Leg Stretcher Strap now and take your flexibility training to the next level!





Material: Cotton + Polyester + Oxford Cloth
Color: #Black

Package Includes:
1 x Yoga Stretch Strap

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